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Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome Sarah

We met Sarah Dearing on Saturday. Sarah is a novelist, the APAFA book-keeper, and a darned good sport. She's spending the week at the A-frame, to test all systems before our first writer-in-residence moves in July 1.
Sarah and Brent (Best of Walrus Readers' choice poet 2013)
who came to mow the lawn and stayed to
talk about writing
Sarah and Pepita
Sarah is working on a novel, and a play at the moment. She is best known for her novel The Art of Sufficient Conclusions, launched in 2012. Here's a link to an interview done for NOW Magazine in Toronto and a great Quill and Quire review. Sarah's earlier novel Courage My Love won the City of Toronto Book Award.

Because Al's workroom won't be ready for this summer's writers, I carved out what I thought might be a spot to work. Of course, there's the front deck, the back deck, the dining room overlooking the lake, that stump right at the water's edge...

Enjoy the week Sarah.

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