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Monday, June 23, 2014

Polishing Purdy

Al's man DHL looking reflective in Lindi's
forgotten glasses - thanks Eurithe
Time to stow the buckets and duster for now and take a moment to reflect (an allusion to those shiny surfaces emerging from the dust and grime of unattended years) on the most recent developments at the Al and Eurithe Purdy A-frame. Saturday was my opportunity to get on with some cleaning, to catch up on Matti and Rick's accomplishments over the past week, to deliver some donated food supplies, and polish up a couple more rooms (trying to keep up with Eurithe who'd been there this past week cleaning, sorting, giving instructions and washing floors).

ash on the hoof
One of the ash trees (with which the property is particularly well endowed) had to be felled earlier this spring, and was milled into lumber on site. The lumber has been used for new interior walls which were removed earlier to enable wiring and window installation. Smells wonderful.
new bedroom wall

notice the thickness of the boards

Eurithe found a glass door at an estate sale years ago; Matti and Rick fitted it on the back (south) doorway, exiting to the new deck. Beats the before photo taken a year ago!

entrance (after)

entrance (before)

Incidentally, the view at right dates to a short year ago, when Lesley Kenny immortalized the cement block entry in her Descant blog entry about the first Purdy picnic. Lesley, hope you make it back to Ameliasburgh this July 26!
making a grand entrance
Other jobs that got finessed this week:
-front hall flooring
-kitchen basics donation delivered (thanks to Raymond Brassard who wishes to remain nameless)
-cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
-inventory of Purdy family items
-window frames around replacement windows
-countless other bits and pieces

And as Matti puts it, everything requires a special solution - seems Al did NOT build this structure 'square'.

Shhh...don't tell the mice. And yes, Jean, there is balsamic vinegar!

our writers will become custodians of some precious
Purdy family items

Brent mows the lawn, again!

Matti and Brent making required adjustments to the firepit

L: Rick R: contractor Matti 

 So, Matti and Rick (who have been working together for 35 years) and who sound like it sometimes, you have pretty much finessed it.

As Matti reported in a Sunday night email: "Well, we pulled it off!"

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