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Friday, March 21, 2014

Studio House PEC and The Al and Eurithe Purdy A-frame - new neighbours

The Al Purdy A-frame Association has a high school English teacher to thank for a lovely bit of synergy that occurred this week. Stewart Jones, a phenomenal painter now based at Studio House PEC in Prince Edward County, came to know and love the work of Al Purdy years ago during one very special high school English course. Over the years Stew has gone to the Al's poetry for titles, for imagery, for inspiration...and just because he loves it.
In March 2014, Stew Jones and his partner Rebecca Hunt (facilitator and gallery director) are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their arrival in Prince Edward County from sunny Toronto. Now that's exciting news, but the best is yet to come.

Stew has generously offered the A-frame Association the proceeds of the sale of one of his paintings - a painting which will feature the A-frame. A look at some of Stew's incredible work on the Studio House PEC website will give you a hint of what Stew might do with the iconic roof slope of Ameliasburgh's favourite poet's house. Check out 'Wellington Compostition #3' and you'll see what I mean. We expect this painting may find its way to a wall in Toronto, Vancouver, Picton...who's to know?

Stew's A-frame painting will be displayed at the Studio House PEC gallery, at #168 on Wellington's leafy Main Street, during spring and summer 2014, and widely online through all of our networks.  No doubt there will be a gathering of the A-frame clan at some point during the summer at Studio House PEC, which is destined to become a popular pop-up event space in this most cultural of counties.

As of this post, we are still waiting for the A-frame to emerge from the winter's ice, snow, and downed tree branches. Some day soon, Stew will make his visit, and find his idea. Stay tuned for the reveal of Stew Jones's Al Purdy A-frame painting, sometime this spring.