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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Building an A-frame, once again

Thanks to the A-framers who came by on Saturday July 7 to donate their time and talent. We did such an amazing job that we decided to take Sunday off. If you should happen by today (we haven't heard from anyone who is planning to), enjoy the peace of the point and the lake. And maybe christen the new deck, in your fashion.

Michele sorting linens

Thanks to John Allport, Raymond Brassard, David and Karen Carpenter, Elaine Leiba, Michele Lintern-Mole, Brent Raycroft, Larry Scanlan, Katherine Sedgwick and Brian Way - and as always, Matti Kopamees - the deck got built, the lawn got mowed, the weeds got trimmed, and a lot of interior cleaning and organizing got done.

Matti and Brent

Elaine and Raymond
Next weekend (June 14 and 15) volunteers will be building a firepit (because a cottage needs a firepit, right?), moving the lakeside deck back into position, painting trim, and doing final cleaning inside the A-frame after interior finish carpentry is completed.

So, plan to join us if you can. Bring a lunch to enjoy on the point. Take a break to read or write a poem. Visit Al in Grove Cemetery nearby.

Next stops:

Katherine Leyton, the A-frame's first writer-in-residence (post 2000 of course) arrives July 1. Welcome reception at Ameliasburgh's Purdy Library on July 5.

The Second Annual Purdy Picnic, Saturday, July 26. at the A-frame. Hope to see you there!

carpenter poets 

And as it so often happens, the recorder is not recorded. Thanks to Katherine for the photos!

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