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Monday, August 5, 2013

Following Orders

photo courtesy Lesley Kenny
 Eurithe Purdy gets around. On Saturday, she told me she's going back to Sidney B.C. in October. Just last June, she returned from there. Despite years of want, then decades of living on a poet's income, Eurithe, by means of intelligence and economy, managed to acquire a house or two. Al and Eurithe's  North Saanich home is currently on the market. The Al Purdy A-frame Association is now the proud owner (and its steward for the poetry-reading world) of the A-frame.
Eurithe giving Duncan instructions
Here's where I'm going with this. I can lose track of stuff, in one house, in one city. Eurithe has travelled back and forth across this great poetry-inspiring land, dozens of times, as well as travelling around the globe more than most of us ever will.

Somewhere along the line,  Eurithe has lost track of an important thing, and she has asked me to inquire of the blogosphere, to see if anyone might have a lead. It's a lapel pin...would have been on Al's 'Sunday go to meeting' jacket. It commemorates his award of the Order of Canada.

Above, in the wonderful Purdy Library, in Ameliasburgh, Ontario, you can see the medal. My guess is the pin would have a similar motif.

It would be great to repatriate the OC to its rightful home. Can anyone help?

(Thanks to Lesley Kenny, who blogs for Descant Magazine (who came to the Purdy picnic, and wrote these great posts about it, before and after) for the use of her photo.. Al, Fresco! Wish I'd thought of that title!

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