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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The A-team

our architect Duncan Patterson, and Eurithe
Each day their numbers grow...the folks who are committing to the work that Jean Baird has carried on pretty much solo for quite a while.

The Al and Eurithe Purdy A-frame is alive and well, despite a period where it felt poorly.
The energy is growing...the crowds at the Purdy Picnic gave the A-frame a needed infusion.

Today I learned of Leslie Kenny's great Descant blogpost about the A-frame picnic - Al, Fresco. Is that not the best title!?
Matti, our contractor - a rare quiet  moment 

 And Duncan Patterson, our architect, writes an occasional blogpost about developments at the A-frame at A Kind of Bump.

When Michele and I began organizing the A-frame picnic, we were astounded at people's willingness to sponsor stuff: food, outhouse, event tents...even a van to shuttle folks around the village!

It's happening. Ms. Baird has good vision. 20:20.

today Michele and I had our first 2014 picnic planning meeting!

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