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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The First Annual Purdy Picnic - a word for our sponsors

lawn courtesy of John Miller

At the historic Al Purdy Show A-frame fundraiser on February 6 at Koerner Hall, Toronto, Gordon Pinsent welcomed us and said "We'll try not to do the sort of thing that Al would have heckled."

Station Road

I'm wondering what Al would have thought of the First Annual Purdy Picnic held at the A-frame on Saturday July 27. Eurithe told Michele and me, who worked with a small but mighty group to organize the day, that she was very very happy with it. As were we.

Richard Turtle

Eurithe enjoying Geoff Heinricks

Al might have raised an eyebrow at the luxurious air conditioned West City Honda shuttle van travelling the road he walked between the Town Hall, the Purdy Library and the A-frame. But the visitors thoroughly appreciated it and its personable host and driver Denis.

Chris Faiers and Chase reading

Al might have thought the artistic posters and the program designed by the Prince Edward County Library and Archives' Christine Renaud pretty fancy for a lad from Wooler. But everybody else loved them. Collectors' items.

He loved bookstores, so he would have enjoyed David Sweet's Books & Company lakeside Purdy store.

He might have wondered about the spiffy portapotty his friend Geoff Heinricks sponsored....why not use the outhouse? Indeed.

photo credit: Douglas Scott
No doubt he would have been happy to see Campbell's Orchards fruit ready to hand, and he would not have been surprised at the industry and efficiency of the Ameliasburgh Working Group women who put together sandwich picnics in a brisk and friendly manner down at the Town Hall, and generously donated the proceeds to the A-frame.

photo credit: Douglas Scott

But I'm pretty sure Al would have been pleased to hear poetry echoing through the trees and over the lake, to have musicians on the deck, to see people enjoying the old place. And the energy. Yes, the energy. I think the A-frame got a needed transfusion that day. 'Til next year.

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  1. What a great event! I am genuinely sorry not to have attended - out in Newfoundland. But next year for sure.

    George Goodwin