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Saturday, September 21, 2013

a pleasing symmetry

Laurence's Remington
Postmark: Neepawa, Manitoba.

"Dear Al - Thank Gawd for your letter! It arrived like a rain in a dry season, and I do mean dry, as I shall explain presently. So if this turns out to be about 10 airletters long, it is only because I feel a decided need to communicate with someone who knows what I am talking about."

(Elm Cottage, January 10, 1969.
In 'Margaret Laurence - Al Purdy: A Friendship in Letters, 1993, M&S. page 118)

Portait by Helen McLean
Laurence pilgrim in Neepawa

Al's workroom depleted of its vast book collection
Postmark: Ameliasburg, Ontario

"Greeting! And the letter to OntArts is fine. If the bastards turn me down this time I'll ----try again. I have all sorts of plans and projects in my mind, including a visit to Hiroshima. What about that one, eh? There are some places that breed poems, as I was sure of writing the Indian rock painting poem.Hiroshima is the same, and there would be several poems there, a real mother lode. Now go ahead and tell me one shouldn't look for poems, they should just catch one unawares....."

(Ameliasburg, 27 August, 1970. Ibid. p. 182)

Relief sculpture by Ann McDonald

Ameliasburgh, spring 2013

photo by John Reeves

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