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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Walking the Streets of my hometown, Trenton II

Still along Front Street. Today a park by the Trent River. The sprawling tree on the right is a willow tree. It could well have been one of the hardy types who planted themselves among the industrial sites along the river, happy for the closeness to the water, unconcerned about its quality.

Al Purdy noticed these hardy trees.

"Reddick's Sash & Door Factory across Front Street overlooked the Trent River. Lumber and heavy planks were piled in sheds where thick-bodied willows leaned over the water, their red roots waving under the surface like drowned girls' hair. I went there to be alone, sitting on the sweet-smelling lumber, trying to get used to being alive."  (p. 11, MS)

Maybe it's time to name this park?

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