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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hearing voices

Some time ago, in my architecture history blog 'ancestralroofs' I posted Hearing voices, doesn't everybody?
It talks about that feeling that a place conjures, that invitation to pause, to time-travel, to connect with its history, its earlier inhabitants. I describe it as resonance - the associations bring strong emotions. Goosebumps.

Echoes. A sense of place.
Maybe everyone does it.
I grew up thinking of it as a character flaw.
I remember our sensible farmer's wife mother upbraiding me, in my 'Gauloises-candles in dark rooms-Highway 61 Revisited' phase: "You think too much."

the old Valley Road, Ameliasburgh - now Purdy Lane
Now with the literary tour project I get to do this with permission.
Sorry mom.
Jean Baird thinks it might be a good fit.
And I think Jean Baird is a good judge of people.

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