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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Writer in Residence!

Duncan and Katherine
This afternoon, a small band of supporters gathered to welcome the Purdy A-frame's first Writer in Residence, Katherine Leyton. Brian Johnson and his crew recorded the event, for eventual sharing via The Purdy Project, a feature-length CBC documentary.

Katherine helped us all remember what it was like to be in Al and Eurithe's long-time home - and the birthplace of Al's prodigious talent- for the first time. Bit of lump in the throat.
Brian, Chris, Casey

Michele and Katherine discussing Ameliasburgh

Thanks to Matti's astonishing achievement, putting into place Duncan's vision for the A-frame, and to the dozens and dozens who have helped over time to maintain and restore the A-frame,  ready the property and clean, sort and equip the cottage - it is now a really nice spot to welcome a young writer. 

Raymond came all the way from Queensborough

A young Canadian writer, in this country of astounding literary talent, on Canada Day. Happy? You bet.

And Jean Baird, the editor and literary activist who, together with Al's publisher Howard White, who began this project and shepherds it still? I hope she's as proud as we are of her.

Tiffany style lamp from where?

Katherine says she will unpack tonight, maybe read some Purdy, explore, get a sense of the place. Take it all in. And tomorrow, she'll sit down at the table at begin to work.

because a house needs a house plant

Earlier, while we waited, adjusting to the heat, there was time for Matti and Duncan to do one more job, for the  A-frame's Battrachian mascot to resume its place, and to tell the story of the refurbished windows, and deck stairs, and screen door repairs made possible by faithful A-framer John from Kingston.

The windows return

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