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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roblin's Mills school 1848

Sometimes things that are meant to happen, still take a long time to materialize.

Such was the case today, when I finally got a PEC library card. My brother, who works as I.T. Coordinator for the library system, mentioned it some time ago. Several times, in actual fact. I certainly do wear out my welcome occasionally at the Archives. Should at least join up!

ancient sash windows-free WiFi
 As a warm group of A-framers left the cold shores of Roblin Lake late this morning, I took the opportunity to stop at the Ameliasburgh library - first time I'd found it open - got my library card, and borrowed a Purdy novel I had not read.

And got warm...for not only was the librarian endearing, but the little old Roblin's Mills school-house was just toasty.

Just the spot to spend some time over photos of Al I had not seen, and to wonder at the OOC medal and other honours. How must our reprobate poet have felt about all that fuss?

And because this little tribute to Al Purdy blog is not ancestralroofs, I am under no obligation to say much about this little building. Except to say bravo to PEC for designating this 1848 stone/stucco school-house - and keeping these very old sash windows!

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  1. That is one beautiful old window. Indeed, congrats to the county for preserving them, and the building. And I would love to see those photos of Al!